Our mission is to empower students to reach their fullest potential as lifelong learners and to make positive contributions to society by inspiring them to be honest, respectful, and personally responsible.

The Knights’ Creed

Be Honest. Be Respectful. Be Personally Responsible.You are blessed with talent. Use it to make a positive difference.


Our vision is for all of us to read, write, and reason to our fullest potential; to expand our capacity for positive influence; to take responsibility for our personal growth; and to continually seek to become the best version of ourselves for the benefits of others.

AOD at South Hall.

“Lead with Character. Serve with Compassion. Follow the Creed
— Be honest. Be respectful. Be personally responsible.”

Parent Institute Tips


Stay engaged in education! Research shows that family trust, communication and involvement in education have a bigger effect than school learning environment on student achievement. Staying involved in your teen’s education is critical, especially if he isn’t currently going to school. Make learning a family priority. Ask your teen about what he’s learning each day. […]


Personalize motivation to fit your teen All parents want their children to succeed. But when your goals don’t match your teen’s, attempts to inspire can backfire. To motivate your teen, support her interests when you can. Applaud what she does well. Where she doesn’t excel, focus more on her efforts than the results. And let […]

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