Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to empower students to reach their fullest potential as lifelong learners and to make positive contributions to society by inspiring them to be Honest, Respectful, and Personally Responsible.”

“Our vision is for all of us to read, write, and reason to our fullest potential; to expand our capacity for positive influence; to take responsibility for our personal growth; and to continually seek to become the best version of ourselves for the benefit of others”

“Lead with Character. Sever with Compassion. Follow the Creed — Be honest. Be respectful. Be personally responsible.”

Our Beliefs

  • We believe every learner should be actively engaged and provided gradeappropriate, differentiated instruction, and multiple paths to understanding
  • We believe every student is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring,
    and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually,
    physically, and socially.
  • We believe students mature and develop healthily when they, parents, and school
    personnel collaborate.
  • We believe every student should be taught 21st century learning skills to promote
    learning for the future.
  • We believe every student should be taught how to learn, not simply what to learn