Below, you will find many different volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

Please remember to have your ID as you check in through the front office.  When leaving, you must check out in the front office.  Please remember to log your volunteer hours in the DVA Volunteer Log Book in the front office.

There are also opportunities to donate requested items at 1 hour per $10 spent.  Enter your donations into the DVA Volunteer Log Book.

Click HERE to enter your volunteer hours for the current school year.

Café – All Year

Daily all year

All year long, volunteers are needed in the DVA Café during homeroom and lunch times to help monitor students and assist with sales.  Sign up using the links below!  The morning shift is from 7:30 – 8:30 and the afternoon shift is from 11:00 – 1:00.  You may sign up for one or both.  All help is greatly appreciated!

Click here to volunteer in the Café!

8th Grade Museum Build Days

Early – Mid September

Volunteers are to help the 8th graders build their 2022 Museum exhibits!  Some exhibits will only build on certain days, so be sure you know which gallery your child is in (Madsen, Wildeboer, Greene, and Stinchcomb) before signing up.  All help is greatly appreciated!

Click here to volunteer for an 8th Grade Build Day!